The Dutch instrumentalists and producers Ruben Maathuis, Koen Vosmeijer en Koen Klunder have dedicated themselves to melting their roots in classical percussion and electronic music. With a large collection of decomposed drum sets, melodic percussion, synthesizers, effects and samples, the trio builds a whole new universe of sound.

fusus’ layered and futuristic music obscures the boundaries of house, techno, ambient, jazz and classical. Spherical synths and minimal melodies remind of neo-classical artists like Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Steve Reich. Whereas fusus’ beats and percussion reflect on pioneers in organic-electronic music, such as Bonobo, Weval and Moderat. Their unconventional approach, mastery of instruments and artistic live shows has won fusus a unique place in the musical landscape.

It was dj/producer De Sluwe Vos (also Vosmeijer’s brother) who introduced fusus in electronic music. In 2015/2016, fusus was part of the Kontra Album Live Tour. A series of shows around Sluwe’s album productions. With a large percussion set-up, fusus lifted these productions to a completely new electronic live experience. They toured with De Sluwe Vos and the album vocalists along leading stages, such as Melkweg Amsterdam, Tivoli Vredenburg, Doornroosje Nijmegen, Paaspop, We Are Electric and Pukkelpop. After the tour, the trio dived further into electronic music. They found a place for an own studio, filled it with their collection of percussion and gathered different sorts of synthesizers, drum computers and effects. It was the start of an infinite search for a combination of warm acoustic sounds and powerful electronics.

In the end of 2016, fusus’ debut EP In Manu saw the light. Their first release and a series of studio sessions directly obtained attention, as fusus played on stages like Eurosonic Noorderslag and Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. Their detailed and sophisticated remake of the track ‘Orgoned’ by Kiasmos, one of the studio sessions, showed fusus’ talent for translating electronic sounds into real instruments and vice versa.

Early 2019 fusus continued to develop their music with the second EP In Textus. The trio’s fascination for sound design delivered surprising elements on these six works. fusus introduced a bass guitar made of a ukelele, a synthesizer created by recorders, kickdrums recorded on cartboard boxes and spoken-word vocals from Barbara Ford. They also moved their loved marimba to a church, in order to catch the natural reverb of this beautiful hall.   In 2019 fusus is touring with a show based on the In Textus EP. In collaboration with visual artist Sven Signe den Hartogh, they created a new artistic performance which transcends the regular concert experience through multiple sensory perceptions.



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