fusus is the musical merge of
Ruben Maathuis, Koen Klunder and
Koen Vosmeijer, three wayward
percussionists who have dedicated
themselves to melting their
classical roots with electronic music.

With their instrumental and minimalistic works, the Dutch craftsmen make you dream, think and feel that you’re alive. fusus puts the warmth of a marimba around you, makes you groove with infectious rhythms, lifts you up with atmospheric synths and surprises with the sound of unique materials, such as a saw blade.

The three friends know each other since childhood. As little boys, they met at a local music group where they learned to play various sorts of percussion instruments, such as the marimba, vibraphone, snare drum and timpani. Later on, Ruben started studying classical percussion at the Conservatory of Zwolle. During his graduation time and master study, he thought about his future as a musician. He didn’t want to follow the beaten path as a solo- or orchestra percussionist, he wanted to create something new.

In the same period, Koen’s brother (Robert Vosmeijer) became popular as a dj/producer in the Dutch house- and techno scene with his alias ‘De Sluwe Vos’ (The Sly Fox). Ruben dived in Robert’s music and got inspired by the percussive base of his works. Ruben decided to write tracks of De Sluwe Vos on sheets for a small acoustic percussion ensemble and asked Koen and Koen to play with him. In early 2014, Robert visited a show of the percussionists and he was impressed. After the show, he told Ruben, Koen and Koen that he was working on his debut album ‘Kontra’, that he was thinking about a special way of presenting his album live and that percussion could be a great element.

It all resulted in the ‘Kontra Album Live Shows’, a unique live experience created by a combination of ‘Sluwe’s’ tracks, live percussion and the album vocalists, i.a. Sticks, Willem de Bruyn, GOSTO and Miss Bunty. fusus toured with De Sluwe Vos and vocalists along leading stages ands festivals, such as Melkweg Amsterdam, Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, 013 Tilburg, Doornroosje Nijmegen, Paaspop, We Are Electric and Pukkelpop.

This tour, and the insight in the electronic productions and instruments that Robert gave, inspired Ruben, Koen and Koen to work on an ultimate mix of acoustic percussion and electronic music. In 2016, the friends locked themselves up in their studio to create own work. It lead to fusus’ first EP, called ‘In Manu’ (November 2016) and a set of ‘Studio Sessions’ video’s (beginning of 2017). The percussionists wrote, produced and mixed everything by themselves.

During live sets, fusus builts impressive sets around the EP and the studio sessions, which take you from sincere listening to unavoidable dancing. The trio prefers to fill the whole stage with melodic percussion instruments, set-ups of decomposed drum kits, various synthesizers and effect tables. A perfect playground for the three instrument addicts and sound collectors.





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