Dutch instrumentalists and producers Ruben Maathuis and Koen Vosmeijer have dedicated themselves to melting their roots in classical percussion and electronic music. With a large collection of decomposed drum sets, melodic percussion, synthesizers, effects and samples, the two build an own universe of sound.

fusus’ layered and filmic music obscures the boundaries of house, techno, ambient, jazz and classical. fusus’ use of vintage synths and warm approach of percussion remind of neo-classical artists like Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds and Grandbrothers, while the beats and percussion reflect on electronic pioneers such as Bonobo, Weval and Moderat. Their unconventional approach, artistic and multidisciplinary performances and ultimate control ensures fusus with a unique place in the musical landscape.

IN U NI [2021]
fusus’ newest work IN U NI is a trilogy about a search for a harmonious meeting between the natural and the artificial. IN U NI consists of three tracks which symbolize a human conflict: a certain intended perfection while sometimes forgetting to embrace the imperfections of life. IN U NI is a harmonious meeting between the world we have self-created, and the world we inherited from the earth. With IN U NI, fusus presents three new tracks, a short-film and a unique live experience.

fusus released their first works ‘In Manu’ and ‘In Textus’ in 2016 and 2019. Two EP’s that were well received. In 2019, fusus won the public award of the ‘Grote Prijs van Nederland’. In 2015 and 2016, fusus was part of the Kontra Album Live Tour, in collaboration with dj/producer De Sluwe Vos. Earlier on, they gained interest at stages like Eurosonic Noorderslag, Valkhof Festival and Grachtenfestival.

The musical focus of the two moved along various styles over years. Still there’s one aspect that runs like a thread through fusus’ development: a special love for rhythm. Both musicians play in a large percussion ensemble since there childhood. Around 2015, electronic music gained there interest, especially house, techno and ambient. fusus dived into the fundamentals of these genres and started using powerful electronic sounds in an authentic way.

After the Kontra tour in 2016, the two found a place for an own studio, filled it with their collection of percussion instruments and gathered various synthesizers, drum-computers and effects. They immersed in electronic music, without losing the warmth of acoustic sounds. It was the period which started a journey in which fusus propagates the worlds of electronic and acoustic sounds as a whole.



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